Estaleiro Rio Maguari designs, manufactures and assembles steel metallic structures for any project, small, medium or large. Our equipment for cargo handling, cutting and welding, combined with state-of-the-art design software operated by a specialized technical team, guarantee product quality and competitive prices.


Projects in the area of ​​metallic structures and boilermaking are largely automated, developed on modern hardware and software platforms resulting in greater productivity.

Protection for bridge pillards

Client: Secretaria de Estado de Transportes – SETRAN / Pará
Construction: Floating Bridge Defenses – Acará

Bauxite storage warehouse

Client: Alunorte
Construction: 1200 tons of steel for manufacturing and assembly of the bauxite dewatering warehouse in the Alunorte 2 and 3 Expansion Project in Barcarena (PA).

Liquid Bulk Terminal

Client: Construtora Serveng-Civilsan
Construction: 850 tons of steel lattice walkway (1400m) for the Liquid Bulk Terminal at the Port of Vila do Conde, Barcarena (PA).

Ore Storage Warehouse

Client: MSS (CVRD)
Construction: 2000 tons of metal structures for administrative buildings and warehouses in Vale’s Sossego Copper Mine (Copper Project), in Canaã dos Carajás (PA).