Financing Source

Estaleiro Rio Maguari has experience in analyzing Brazilian financing sources and a variety of types of financing are available for the various types of vessels.

The main sources of financing for shipbuilding in the country are: FMMFundo de Marinha Mercante (Merchant Marine Fund) and FINAME, to which are added FNO for the North region, and BNDES EXIM and PROEX for the export of goods and services.

Financing resources are not limited to these sources. Rio Maguari can help you find the most suitable financing solution.


The Merchant Marine Fund is an accounting fund, intended to provide resources for the development of the Merchant Marine and the Brazilian shipbuilding and repair industry.

FMM for Exportation

Financing for foreign shipowners as long as construction is carried out in a national shipyard.


FINAME is a financing line aimed at financing the production and acquisition of national machinery and equipment accredited by BNDES.


The Northern Constitutional Financing Fund – FNO is a financing fund for private productive sectors and its resources are managed by Banco da Amazônia.


BNDES Exim is a line of credit for the production or commercialization of pre- and post-shipment goods and services for export.


Proex is the main public instrument to support Brazilian exports of post-shipment goods and services using resources from the National Treasury.